"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Dreggs: Before the Media Server

Toby Roworth

Jan 7, 2013

Back in the old days, before I moved off to uni, I was a member of Eternity Youth Church. Were it not for this church, I probably wouldn't wear black, have a beard or be in my job, as it's where I first learnt to do sound.
Eternity ran Dreggs Café, one of the venues at Soul Survivor, a big Christian youth festival. I managed to end up on techy duty over all five years I worked there, running sound and video, including animations for the daily gameshows.
The first year we played Deal or No Deal each night, using a webpage spread over two screens (one output, one control). This webpage had been created in Adobe (or possibly then still Macromedia) Fireworks, and as such was a little inflexible. A fifteen year old Toby was able to code in some adjustments, and by the end of the week it worked much better.
The next year I was asked to spend a couple of weeks in the office writing many more games, and this continued for the next couple of years, with each year getting more exciting, adding in more complex animations, simulated game mechanics and eventually sound.
We even had some hardware buzzers to fire up Xs in Dreggs' Got Talent made from a PS/2 keyboard extended down an audio multicore.
Some of my favourites were:

The links above are a little hairy, especially family fortunes, as they were written several years ago for an old version of firefox. They'll work best in a window resized across two monitors, but tend to be alright zoomed out.
Next Monday I'll be uploading a post on the "Media Server" I wrote to ease the playing of DVDs, videos and music. To acompany it, on Monday evening I'll be conducting a Google+ Hangout to demonstrate the media server live. What could possibly go wrong...