"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Bedford Rascal

Toby Roworth

May 7, 2012

After several weeks of eBaying, I've finally got myself a Bedford Rascal.
She runs fairly well, although does need a little persuasion to start in the morning, made more fun by the manual choke. This led to a rather fun jump-start on Saturday morning.
Given to Rascals' tendency to fall over when cornering, I've yet to properly test the handing, but she does 60 quite happily and, given time, will reach 70, although the noise suggests 60 might be better!
I've already had to sort a couple of things, including low brake fluid (who's warning light terrified my mate even more than cornering), a gaffered up rear window (5 hours to remove the residue) and windscreen wipers that gave up on the M4 in the rain (more to follow soon, once I've built some replacement brackets).
Most importantly of all, however, is that she has a sofa in the back, soon to be mounted into a flight case...