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Rascal Engine Repair Week: Day 2

Toby Roworth

Jun 4, 2013

Sad news! Rascal Repair Week is going to take a little longer than a week! Frank's though realistically about it, and we've decided my time off will be better spent spread out over a couple of weeks, as 4 or 5 days isn't really long enough for two guys to rebuild an engine and get a can ready for an MOT.
Instead, I'll finish off all the little jobs tomorrow and let Frank rebuild the engine (which doesn't take two people) over the next week or so. That'll let me use my holiday to assist putting the engine back in soonly, where two people are a big benefit.
Frank's main job today was refitting the pistons, and then finishing off rebuilding the bottom half of the engine:

Meanwhile, I painted the exhaust manifold cover, amongst other things, in my quest to make the refurbished engine look "bitchin'", and cleaned up parts for Frank to fit.

The day ended with a pleasant catch-up with a wise young friend, followed by an evening filled with Puerto Rico (with game re-enlivening expansion), a spot of the homebrew (given I still have no idea of the ABV I couldn't comment on whether the amount was too much) and a genius idea that should find its way onto YouTube tomorrow evening, should I get the time.