"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Mead 5: Freyja's Folly

Toby Roworth

Aug 5, 2013

I said I wouldn't do another batch of mead before moving back into halls. But then I realised once I move back into halls I'll need to make my Christmas mead, and I really wanted my next batch to be "Viking Blood", made with honey and cherries.
So I've tried to optimise this brew for a six-week ferment - a generous amount of yeast (at least two teaspoons) and a smaller amount of honey (only four jars) should accomplish this. I'm hoping this will also result in a drier taste, something I've been hoping for for a while, but haven't yet managed, as I always get carried away with the sugar.
To give it what I hope will be a deep red colour I put 500 grams of cherries in with the honey, seeded and mashed slightly. I left the skins on to darken the colour. This is also what turns the mead into Viking Blood, which sounds pretty cool. the pirate in me feels betrayed, however.
And the name? Freyja was a Norse goddess of pretty much everything, which seemed suitably Vikingey. She also lends her name to Friday, which stems from " Frjádagr" meaning "Freyja's day", which also happens to be the day where much mead drinking occurs - folly indeed.