"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Mead 4: Bottling Maple Marvel

Toby Roworth

Jul 8, 2013

The final mead to be brewed at my current residence (unless I can figure out how to do a good one in only two months) has finally been bottled, after a three month brew. And to set the mood, why not play some very suitable music.
As discussed previously, this mead is an acerglyn, meaning it's made using Maple syrup, roughly two-parts honey to one part maple in this case. This has left it with a lovely dark aftertaste - it starts like any other mead, but rings with a distinctive maple note. As always, I have no idea how strong it is, but I'm fairly sure it's "sack strength", meaning it's over 14%.
I was a little more extravagant with the bottles this time, going for three different sizes and shapes:
And, of course, I knocked up a new label. It's based on the last one, but the dates now use tabular figures, rather than proportional, so the dots line up - not sure how I missed that last time.
I'm thinking of brewing "Viking Blood" next time,