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CBIIweek: The End

Toby Roworth

Aug 12, 2013

CrapBike II week is over. This is sad, as it means I'm, once again, done with welding and grinding until my next crazy project. However, that sadness is overcome by the joy of getting the bike finished.

It took most of Saturday, but the steering got re-welded, the gears and brakes got set up and I got the bike back to West Drayton on the train, mostly safely.
Saturday started with the annoying task of removing the handlebars, to rewelding them to a different bit of tube - as I explained in day 5's post, after fitting the seat my knees didn't fit past the handlebars.

It just so happened that they were a pretty good fit into the tube I used to strengthen the steering on day 3, so this only took an hour overall, and most of that was trying to hammer a round peg into a different-round hole.
Then came hooking up the brakes and gears, mostly with new bowden cables, which all needed cutting to length. This is actually pretty easy using an angle grinder (with a slitting disc), but I wouldn't recommend this as it's probably quite unsafe. I still need to get the fine adjustments done, but I can stop when necessary, and change into at least 25% of the gears, which is probably better than before I chopped the bike up on day 1.
After this I just had to tidy up my mates' drive and roll the bike to the station (I had too much luggage to ride it, especially as I haven't built the luggage-carrier yet). CrapBike II week: done!

At the station, I discovered a small problem with the seat - sitting still on it for 40 minutes makes things go numb. On day 4 I added some padding, but not as much as I'd like, as all the foam I've stored up is in my cupboard in West Drayton.
Today I gave it a little ride around the green which, I found, is one-way in the direction I wasn't travelling. At least I got to test the brakes. Even after less than a mile of accumulated riding, I'm going in a straight line, unlike on day 2, where "all-over-the-place" didn't even begin to describe it.
The bike will have its first proper test on Tuesday morning, when I'll cycle it 12 miles to work, as usual - wish me luck...