"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Mead 6: Christmas Mead 2013

Toby Roworth

Oct 21, 2013

Slightly later than planned, due to my insistence on sticking to my budget this year, I've put on my Christmas mead. I'm still working on a cunning name for it, so watch this space, or make a suggestion.
This time round it's an Orange Melomel/Metheglin, perfect for mulling at Christmas. Suposably, this was traditionally done my heating it with a hot poker - more on that one coming at Christmas...
I needed a quick brew again, as I could only start it 2 months before everyone leaves for Christmas, so I dropped out some of the honey. However, I got carried away with the oranges, so the sugar content might still be quite high.
The recipe (for want of a better term) was: If I didn't mention it elsewhere, Freja's Folley had a proper "homebrew" taste to it, kicking you in the throat like a horse. It generally gone down pretty well with those who've drunk it though...