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Truss: the engineering

Toby Roworth

Mar 16, 2012

If you haven't seen my truss by now, where've you been? The journey truly began about a year ago, when I decided I wanted truss in my living room, but the actual design process started when I was in Uganda.
We had a couple of days off in Jinja, the (/a...) source of the Nile, and when not swimming I did a bit of drawing, and started laying out how the truss would look. It's heavily inspired by Litestructures' Shoplite3, but modified a lot, so I could build it myself, without robotic TIG welders and all the jigs ever.
A lot of calculation had to be done, and I hadn't bought a calculator, so the page is littered with quite long surd calculations, all done by hand. Who said GCSE maths wasn't worthwhile! Please don't look for inaccuracies in them though - I honestly don't care, because I still have truss that fitted together in my living room!
My favorite bit of these drawings is probably right in the middle - I just found a note that says "6mm gap can be filled with weld". If you saw the weld bridges in the structure, you'd understand...