"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Portfolio: Uganda

Toby Roworth

Mar 9, 2012

After putting if off for far too long, yesterday (technically early this morning) I got a basic portfolio finished, just in time for a placement application deadline. It's only about half the full length, but enough to send off as examples of work.

The first spread I'm showing is one about my trips to Uganda. I've had the opportunity to visit an orphanage there twice now, each time being such an eye-opening experience. They're 50-80 of the happiest kids I've ever seen, who had so much love to give they'd often start fighting over who got to hold which hand of a team member! Many of the photos here are of the same kids - this is no coincidence, as they'd tend to get attached to individual team members, these guys being referred to as "my crew"!
Playing with the kids would take up a lot of our time, as that's what they get the most from - going back the second year a lot of our friends ran straight back to us, as though we'd never left. Of course it wasn't all fun and games; we also did some building work, assisting the builders out there with painting, plastering and bricklaying, skills they guys out there performed far better than us, but ones they refused to not let us pick up! Hopefully I'll get back there for a third time at some point in the future. They say Africa is like Malaria - once you get it in your blood, it's there for life! And from my experience, there's never been a truer word spoken in jest!