"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Design Document

Toby Roworth

Feb 29, 2012

Most of my design work so far has been voluntary-freelance, or part of my course. However, I still feel it should have a properly documented process, including assigning correct ownership, and making sure I can publish my work here, where appropriate. As such, I've created a brief design document, which outlines a piece of work to be carried out. As with most of my documentation, it's an A6 booklet, and follows my design guidelines.
Speaking of design guidelines, I may've neglected to mention my chosen fonts last week. My primary font, used for headings, titles and anything else I feel like, is "Ubuntu". The secondary font, mainly used for block text, is "Cala Light", which is the only free font from the Cala family. Ubuntu is a nice friendly font, with nice curves, and should give me extra geek-cred to anyone who recognises it. Cala is a serif font I found a few weeks back, judged by [a blog] to be one of 2011's top fonts. It's got a similar approachability to Ubuntu, but its serifs keep it readable when there's lots of it.
I sent off my first one today to test the water, on a PowerPoint slide based on the last Students+ flyer I did, and here it is. If you'd like me to do any work, please get in touch, and you can have your very own copy of one of these!