"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Load List

Toby Roworth

Mar 5, 2012

As part of my ongoing attempts to do things I do normally more professionally, I've designed a load list/flight case label.

The idea is that I can pre-produce a list of what to take to each gig, stopping me from forgetting anything, and giving me a record of which cables people have run off with. They can also be stuck (not quite sure how yet...) to the cases, to aid anyone trying to steal the case!

It's probably only a draft (I've noticed errors since uploading it - points if you get the obvious one, respect if you find the bits that don't line up right, more points if you don't tell anyone else), but represents all I've done today, which amounts to about an hour's work, none of which gets me marks! You may also notice how late the last couple of posts have been - my back-catalogue's running low, and that which is left needs a decent write up, which I've been a little too pre-occupied to do these last couple of weeks. But hopefully I should get my lighting project syndicated, and maybe some more articles about PA stuff...