"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Amp Flight Case

Toby Roworth

Mar 3, 2012

After several months of getting sidetracked, I've finally finished the flightcase for my amp and effects, the last of which arrived yesterday after a four-month wait from studiospares!

However, The plywood I had left was quite small, so I had a limited depth on the case. This wasn't a huge problem, as the equipment I was mounting into it was all fairly shallow effects, or a very diminutive amp. Even with this though, there wasn't enough depth left for a back lid.

This was solved by replacing the traditional open back with two nice and quiet fans, that only spin up when they get hot. Two louvres at the front allow the hot air to escape when fully loaded. Many thanks to Guy, Brunel's fabrication technician, for his help in getting these bits folded and cut.

The fan plate also houses a removable panel for the cables to come out of, and should, if they ever get released, also have a new PowerCon on to save wiring the power into all 3 or 4 units.

And here is the finished article. It's already had its first outing, helping run the sound for a CU meal, which had live singers behind it, and should have several more over the coming weeks, as well as acting as my bass practice rig.