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RERweek2: Day 2 - Manifolds and Plusgas

Toby Roworth

May 6, 2014

Today was nice and productive, consisting mostly of fitting the manifolds, and a couple of other larger components. To warn you in advance, I'm about to mention Plusgas a lot.
The day began with the return of VanCat. It transpired he'd turned my van into a two-story dwelling, with the cab as a bedroom/sunroom and the drive beneath as a bathroom. Cat pee smells bad.
Back when we disassembled the engine we sheared off the bolts holding the thermostat cover in place. It now seems this could be because they'd been fixed in place using Hylomar, or equivalent instant gasket gel - if you're building an engine, please don't put this stuffon screw threads! Eventually a bit of heat, along with plenty of Plusgas got it free.
Plusgas you say? Plusgas is God's gift to people who disassemble stuff. Think WD40, on steroids, that themselves are on steroids. I cannot convey using actual real words how good this stuff is, so I'll just give an example. We had a freewheel mechanism for a bike that has been sitting in a river for a reasonable length of time, so was rusted through and completely seized. Hours with WD40 had little effect. 5 minutes with some Plusgas had the thing moving like it was new. You need to buy some just as soon as you've finished reading this blog post. I've put another link at the bottom, so you don't forget.
Whilst I left the Plusgas to penetrate I fitted the exhaust manifold and its cover (now in a fetching yellow paint job) and had lunch.

Then I finished mucking about with the inlet manifold. I'd already sheared one of the bolts flush, so had to drill that out. The other came out with a gentle application of heat, and a modicum of Plusgas - to be fair, Plusgas handles rusted screw far better than glued ones, so needed a helping hand - normally it's flippin' amazing on its own.
Afterwards I fitted the inlet manifold. This was tricky, as the nuts aren't easy to access once the engine's in place. I then gently persuaded a water outlet/inlet/thing beneath it, which didn't have a gasket supplied so I'm relying on instant gasket compound alone. [insert sweepstakes].

To round the day off I fitted the carburettor (pronounced in the correct fashion), fan and radiator. That only leaves the alternator, distributor and air filter, out of the big bits, and then all the cables, hoses and wiring, most of which should be achievable tomorrow.

And here's the link I promised. If you've got this far, you might've saved about £2, as I found a cheaper link. Consider it a gift...