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RERweek2: Day 1 - Tidying Up

Toby Roworth

May 5, 2014

I'm back! Despite my best intentions, I haven't found any time to write blog posts over the last couple of months, due to a large amount of degree getting in the way.That's pretty much over now though, so I've taken a week off the get Rachel finished. This means a whole week of new blog posts, assuming it goes better than the last RERweek.
After a wonderful lunch with wonderful people, I finally got started at 3PM. I took a look through the Haynes Manual, to get my bearings, and found a sentence I probably should have read two years ago - "Plan for the vehicle to be out of use for quite a while":

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a most untobylike manner, tidying up the van, which had parts and tools strewn all over it. This is before (ish - I took this last year when we put the engine in, so it was actually a lot worse than this):

And this is after, with all the parts now arranged in order of fitting:

Tomorrow I'll be refitting the manifolds and, should that not take all day, I'll start to get the cooling system reconnected.