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RERweek2: Day 4 - Final Bits

Toby Roworth

May 8, 2014

Today saw Rachel's engine fully assembled, for the first time in 21 months. Due to rain my progress was slow, but this was offset by how little I had left to do:

Of course this was all too easy. I managed to get my finger over a spark plug hole, finally, to feel if it was in compression. It gave quite a rush of air, but was offset 240 degrees from the timing marks, which will make setting the timings quite a lot harder. This was a simply because the flywheel's got 6 bolts, and wasn't lined up with the correct holes. For future reference, I'll be adding this note to the Haynes manual. A little bit of maths and measurement got the distributor repositioned though, which didn't take that long in the end.

Once everything was in place, I reconnected the battery and gave the started motor a quick go (without the spark plugs fitted). Everything turned properly, and nothing blew up, meaning it should be ready for some timing once Frank's back. A pretty successful week...