"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

M&S Eco-garment: Part 1

Toby Roworth

Jan 18, 2012

Last year one of our projects was designing a sustainable garment for Marks & Spencer, for ages 11-16. This was an interesting brief, as my interest in clothes is very limited - if it's black, I tend to be happy, and if it's a polo shirt, even better. And pockets don't make trousers worse... The graphics for the project used a simple 5x5 grid, with a palate of colours taken from M&S' "plan A" document, which was a major consideration for any design, as it outlines their sustainability commitments. Looking back at the colours, I'm not sure I'd personally choose them, but I relied on M&S' graphic designers to have a good opinion! The layout itself worked, but I've now taken to using a more interesting 3x3 overlaid on a 5x5 grid, which gives a little more room for variation and a bit of flair!
The final concept was a peanut-proof tie, with which the stripes could be changed when moving schools, preventing several cases where a tie would need to be replaced.
The storyboard (left) tells the story of two boys, one who buys my tie and one who buys a cheap tie, with the poor boy who bought the cheap tie having to replace it twice!

To end, my favourite concept from the whole project. This whole page was made a few weeks into the project where I wanted to have some fun, and came up with an idea that wasn't far off a joke! However, the true wonder of this project was when it was shown to the lecturers, who not only (somehow!) liked the idea, but went so far as to defend it from the accusations of fellow students!