"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

He goes black and has a beard?

Toby Roworth

Jan 18, 2012

You may've noticed a blackout across many websites today, in protest against the SOPA/PIPA bill., probably most noticed by students trying to do coursework using Wikipedia, who have gone black for the day.
As I'm not a US citizen, I shouldn't be allowed to say anything on what laws they should and shouldn't pass, but were this happening in the UK, I'd probably have been "He goes black and wears a beard" for the day! I'm a bit gutted Google didn't do something better - I think the whole internet Google going black for a day would've had a much better effect than their little link, but that's business I suppose.
But I'm not convinced this protest'll actually do much good - most of the participating sites are geek-run, and congress is voted by, essentially, a popularity contest. And as any geek will know, popular kids opinions are listened to, and geeks are laughed at for their "radical" views...