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Recent Lighting Gigs Redux: Part 2

Toby Roworth

Nov 19, 2012

One of the perks of working for a lighting company is "field tests", in which you take out a piece of hardware and check it doesn't break on a real gig.
One of the perks of being a go-to techy for "event that needs lighting/sound/video" is you get to run said "event that needs lighting/sound/video".
As such, I've run a few lighting gigs recently - here's part two:
The Event
I'm still not entirely sure how I managed to become the lighting guy for The Event, but I think it was a placatory offer after I wasn't allowed to do sound! I've now done three or four of these combined Hillingdon youth events, with each one changing the lighting setup (which keep's Dan's Dan on his toes).
The equipment has come from all over the place for these events, but a mysterious man known only as "Dan's Dad" has faithfully lent us his LED pars whenever we've needed them.
The latest event was a chance to take a Titan One out for a spin, Avolites' new DMX dongle. It only does one DMX universe, but when the entire rig is eight three-channel LEDpars, even that's overkill! I won't give a massive sales pitch on this, as it's my day off (and that was a PLASA exclusive), but at £70 it's a bargain.
The rig lit the stage with blue and purple PAR56s, borrowed from Crown (the gels now making a regular appearance, as the old blue and orange gels has become green and broken), and then used six LEDpars to uplight along the walls, along with two "long throw" LEDpars to light the crowd/host area.
Photos happen:
The look of the whole church, before people entered Titan One does its thing The PARs, which photographed surprisingly well Spot the flyer cameo