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Recent Lighting Gigs Redux: Part 1

Toby Roworth

Nov 12, 2012

One of the perks of working for a lighting company is "field tests", in which you take out a piece of hardware and check it doesn't break on a real gig.
One of the perks of being a go-to techy for "event that needs lighting/sound/video" is you get to run said "event that needs lighting/sound/video".
As such, I've run a few lighting gigs recently - here's part one:
Battle of the Bands This was a fun one, as it happened the day after my van lost a spark plug (helpful hint: if your vehicle breaks down, phrase the problem very carefully, to avoid leaving the client thinking they don't have lights anymore). The legendary Jon Hollander came down/up/across to assist with the rigging, and ended up helping with the op-ing far more than he expected!
The rig was mostly composed from Eternity/Encounter's lights, old and new, including: The lights were mostly rigged from some truss on tripods, which gave me a good opportunity to re-weld any dodgy joints I had to rush the first time round (youth events tend to make you a little more safety conscious...), and worked quite well. Some more height would have been nice, but that will have to wait for more budget.
As a shameless plug, I'll say that Titan performed really well - I ran out of time to preprogram the show the night before, so only had an hour or so to get all the pallets in. This was easily accomplished, and gave me enough to run the show off. We managed to use the breaks to add in a few more looks.
During the rig, Jon decided he didn't like lighting - so many cables (lights tend to need data and power, whereas sound tends to get it into a single cable), fiddly clamps, heavy things etc. But once I gave him a go on the desk it was hard to get him off it. I'm not sure it'll ever beat mixing a massive band, but it came scarily close!
Here's some photos - thanks to Sukruti Staneley for some of the photos - if you ever meet her, buy her a coffee or something as a thanks from me!
DT, in front of one of the truss bars
© Copyright 2012 Sukruti Anah Staneley The solitary scanner acts as a spot
© Copyright 2012 Sukruti Anah Staneley A wide shot, lighting desk in bottom left
© Copyright 2012 Sukruti Anah Staneley The desk (with PowerCon cameo)
© Copyright 2012 Toby Roworth The equipment being checked during the pre-rig
© Copyright 2012 Toby Roworth