"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

M&S Eco-garment: Part 4

Toby Roworth

Feb 8, 2012

And here it finally is - the final concept tie. I began with some research into current methods of preventing peanutting, such as a coin in the knot, and then looked at whether cardboard inside the tie itself might help. I also took apart a donor tie from a charit shop, to see what was inside. It turns out that ties are made from several hundred pieces of fabric, lining, labels and the like.

The tie on the right is stretchy, so that peanut-energy is used to stretch the tie, not tighten the knot. However, I quickly realised how a pinging tie would probably be worse that a broken one... Eventually I decided that a wide-link chain could be used to keep the tie flexible enough to tie, but rigid sideways, to the tie couldn't over-tighten. Below is the pattern for the final concept. The chain was made from paperclip wire, and was actually functional - feel free to try it out. I found it quite hard to make, as it required several seams and a join of two tubes, and far to much familiarity with calico!