"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

How to be a Toby

Toby Roworth

Feb 13, 2012

After several years of techying in The Warfield Churches, it came to the time where I had to leave for uni. I was unable to leave my technical knowledge behind in person, as it was permentantly attached to me. However, I wrote a book, called How to be a Toby, which contained as much of it as I could write down. It's a year or two out of date now, but is still mostly right, and can serve as a good introduction to sound engineering in general. One day I hope to update into a true "How to do sound" book, but until then it'll have to do.
I've made this book available for free on Google Docs, and its LaTeX source is available if you email me. And like any free publication, I won't say no to donations, should you somehow find it very useful!