"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

2-hour Material Storage

Toby Roworth

Feb 10, 2012

For several months now, I've had an untidy mess of junk behind the door in my bedroom. I frequently use this junk for prototypes and anything else I want to build when not in workshops. However, the pile looks very untidy, and has a tendency to grow over much of my floor.
So this week I decided I'd had enough, and finally got round to building some sides for the pile. I ended up building and painting the whole thing in two hours, and there's a shocking lack of gaps in it! I had a bit of trouble attaching it to the radiator, but ended up using a loop of washing line.
The finished looks quite good for something made from some free ply and baton, and even has a brewing shelf for my mead! Some wood, soon to be sawn Free ply! (Single phase 240v ply...) A side, screwed together Nearly before painting Baton screwed to door frame Washing line tied to radiator The finished walls And the pile of junk back inside