"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

M&S Eco-garment: Part 3

Toby Roworth

Feb 1, 2012

For many years I've been thinking of building a cloak, nice and fleece lined, with lots of pockets, to save me having to buy a new coat. Unfortunately, my sewing ability has kept that firmly in the dreamland, instead of on my back.
So when the M&S project came along, it seemed like the perfect chance to bring the cloak back - if it works for hobbits and elves, why not schoolchildren!
The cloak itself was fairly simple at first - just a wraparound with a hood. But then, to promote eco-qualities, I designed it so the pattern tessellated. It wasn't quite Escher, but did the job, and used all my ProMarker ink!
The trouble I have drawing people seems to have crept in again, along with a Voldemort cameo. This was less than intentional, but he's called Voldemort in all the filenames! The little prototype I made is probably the most impressive thing in this post - it may be quite simple, but took all my sewing ability to do, so I've put it extra-large at the end. A little note for presentation of fabric prototypes - by scanning them in, you can get them to fit nicely into a grid (not demonstrated amazingly here...), and help the markers put them back in the right place.