"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

The Event Flyer

Toby Roworth

Jan 9, 2012

Another flyer I did for an church event was for a combined youth event from several Hillingdon churches. The design for the flyer went through a dozen iterations before finally arriving at the one shown left. I've since started work on a minor reworking for an upcoming "The Event", which has gone through another half dozen changes!
Half the fun of working with real clients is the back and forth nature of the design though, so this made it quite interesting.

The back of the flyer had to be done much quicker - after a week of waiting I got a reply saying "we need a map, and want to send it to print tomorrow"! To make time pressure more exciting, I'd had a busy day at work, and had planned to go down the pub that night.
I ended up rotating and overlaying the same shape I used for the titles on a map borrowed from Google, and after a while had the finished map, shown right.