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Flight Cases

Toby Roworth

Jan 4, 2012

When it came to moving my possessions to uni, I wanted to do it properly, instead us using half a ton of cardboard boxes like every other student. I ended up building a trio of flight cases, meaning I could carry my stuff in style.
The cases are built from 9mm ply painted with PU floorpaint, which gives a fairly hardwearing surface. The other components are all Adam Hall bits, like aluminium angle and butterfly catches, riveted on by several hundred rivets.
The biggest case is the trunk, a 4'x2'x18" case with castors on. This made moving in very easy, as I could simply wheel this case into the lift with the others on top. It also makes a nice coffee/dining table, and place to put all the rubbish I don't use.
The second case houses my 22" monitor in the lid and other tech stuff in the base. I've still got plans to put a small server and hard disc into the void behind the monitor (attached using its VESA mount), with assorted connections on nice Neutrik connectors. The base'll house my mixer and cables eventually, which I hope to get done shortly after Christmas. Squeezebox
A quick little case to keep my squeezebox boom safe during transit, I also broke out the line in/out to XLRs (wired 1:gnd, 2:left, 3:right) so that I can use actual cables that don't break after 3 uses. Last week I finally added the top cover to it (not pictured), which encloses the base (which was originally going to house a SheevePlug before its power supply broke, like every other SheevaPlug in existence!).
I've also got a rack case for my amp/effects units in progress, but it's currently just a coffee table!