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How to use a Mixing Desk

Toby Roworth

Dec 30, 2011

For our level 1 flash project, we were required to product an interactive website in flash. I chose to design a site that taught users how to use a mixer.
The website was nearly all created using hand-coded ActionScript 3 and, aside from a couple of small bugs, seems to work. The ActionScript takes care of virtually the whole site, from playing sound to changing pages to the movement of the jack up the top.
The demo features drag-and-drop plugs, working faders and pan knobs, and some EQ presets, all rolled together into an actual demo desk on the last page.
I'll make it clear now that I really don't like flash - I saw this more as a programming project than a flash project, and as such my usage of flash as a program was very limited. Flash is an outdated technology, just waiting to be swept off by HTML5. But I did enough to get an A for this anyway, and am very pleased with the result.
Apologies, however, for the quality of the recordings (if they play on the link below). I had a whole studio set up in my bedroom, but didn't add any timecode to the tracks, so when I can to mix the instruments together had great trouble getting them in time! To add to this, some distortion crept into the tracks at around 4AM during a mixdown I was way too tired to perform!
SWF available here. If it still doesn't work, try downloading it or ask me to email it to you.