"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

Crown Student Flyer

Toby Roworth

Dec 29, 2011

At the start of September I got asked to design the flyer for Crown Church's student events for the term. Above is the final flyer, which was reached after a couple of weeks of iterative design. However, my first mockups were much simpler. These were very quick mockups, put together in half an hour to get opinions on a few design features: I was then asked to produce something more "out-there", so I started work on a flyer that could be folded into a boat. This would have the title on one side, the dates and information on the other, and some atmospheric pictures of London and Uxbridge on the inside. There was also a surprise picture of James Durrant on the underside of the boat, which could only be seen if held at the right angle.
Unfortunately, the design was "too out-there", so was scrapped. I used the elements in a much simpler flyer., which ended up looking like a student's (rather tidy) desk. 100 pts to anyone who can find the subtle Inbetweeners reference.