"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

A New Beginning

Toby Roworth

Dec 26, 2011

After far too long without an update, I'm giving a kick to my blog, and have lined up a weeks worth of past work to show, with more hopefully on the way.
Hopefully I'll keep it updated with any work I'm doing that doesn't constitute plagiarism, and possibly even my thoughts on sound and other bits of techy awesomeness!
I've also changed the name from "Behind the Bookcase" to "He wears black and has a beard", the quote I use on the front of my CV. This reflects both the fact I no longer have the bookcase I used to work behind, and the move towards more content of my professional work.
And on the subject of CV, the first draft is available here, so feel free to offer me work! Between uni projects I'm happy to freelance in almost anything that pays and/or is fun!