"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"

(Belated) Pannier Update

Toby Roworth

Dec 26, 2011

At easter, my 20-minute pannier survived a train journey home, followed by a week of cycling around Bracknell.
The pannier didn't survive coming back to uni, however, and broke as I left my estate agents, shedding an easter egg on the floor. Unfortunately, the screw (and supporting gaffer) holding one side of the top to an upright gave way, so I lost half my carrying capacity. A quick bit of rope-work reattached my luggage to the bike, but at the cost of ease of steering, as the handlebars were the only things I could tie stuff to.
It was nice that the estate agent recognised me as he walked past and asked if I needed any help with the house, but not so nice that he didn't care in the slightest that my luggage was strewn across West Drayton!
One month later my bike pump was nicked, which was annoying, because it cost me £10. Unfortunately my bike was attached to it at the time, along with what remained of the pannier...