"He Wears Black and Has a Beard"


Toby Roworth

Sep 7, 2010

The basic structure, featuring sideways bracing
Having done 2 weeks of soul survivor last year sleeping on the floor of a tent, I decided that this year I was going to sleep in comfort.
The door open - this turned out to be very hard to get through at 1 in the morning!
Being a pirate at heart, it seemed natural to sleep in a hammock so with 80' of wood and 3 tarpaulins I set about building a tent with integral hammock.

The hammock itself is made from 2 meter chains with 30m of polypropylene rope strung through - this took several hours to thread (or rather rethread after I realised that I'd bought 30m of rope, not 20!

I made some minor changes for the second week to prevent leaks and save gaffer, although these changes ended up making one big join to leak through, rather than several small ones. Thankfully I'd placed all my stuff away from where the gap was, although this didn't stop me getting wet at 3 O'clock one morning!

The roof on - note the gaps around the edges, which needed hefty gaffering!
The hammock turned out to be very comfortable once a sleeping bag was on it - I'm looking forward to adding the en-suite (hot) shower and solar-powered lighting for next year!
More photos
Me in the Hammockent, just before I reorient the tarps (photo by Anne Bradford)